Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini Easter Baskets

Hello! Thanks for visiting Crafting With Carolyn! Today I decided to get a major jump on my Easter crafting. I don't make much anymore for Easter but I do enjoy making treat boxes/bags for the kids and their friends at school!

This year a fellow CTMH Consultant shared her craft with me and it inspired me to make my version of the same thing. Mini Easter Baskets!! Thanks so much for sharing your Mini Baskets with me Ashley Gréaux!! To check out her Mini Easter Baskets click here:

Aren't they just SO cute??? Small enough for one plastic egg but totally adorable. They were super easy to make too!!

I used a retired paper set from Close To My Heart - the Dotty For You paper. I loved the cute dotty paper but just could not find the right project until now!!! These were cut on my Cricut using the Close To My Heart Artiste Cartridge. This particular cupcake wrapper is on page 70, Accent 4. It is a cupcake wrapper with a circle glued to the bottom and a handle added. The cupcake wrapper I used is 8" wide.

When I am assembling more than one of an item I like to set it up assembly style. First I put all the wrappers together and I used my atg to make sure they wouldn't open on me! Don't they look like mini lampshades here?

Since the bottom of the cupcake wrapper is open I cut circles out using the gray dotty paper and glued those on. Ashley had another method but I didn't want to go the same route.... This was actually pretty easy! I used tacky glue! I just poured it onto a styrofoam plate and  dipped the bottom of the cupcake wrapper into the glue then placed it on the circle.

It didn't take long to dry at all! Once they were dried I checked to make sure there weren't any spaces that I missed with the glue and if there were I just filled it with the tacky glue to seal. My circles were slightly too big and some went on crooked so being the perfectionist I am I took scissors and trimmed the excess!

For the basket handles, I thought white would be perfect. After I finished them all I thought hmmm... maybe I should have used color!! Haha. Typical.  Anyway my paper trimmer is kind of blah lately and even with a replaced blade it doesn't do a clean cut. It's always rough.

Rather than try to cut all those straight lines by hand I whipped out my Gypsy and decided to use a 8.5" x 11" white cardstock sheet for my strips. On the Gypsy I used a basic straight rectangle and made it 8.7" x 0.5" -- I then placed these on every 1" and at the bottom it was on 0.8". I made them bigger than my sheet of paper purposely so that it would not go across the edge of the sheet and pull up my strips. As you can see it worked very well.

I used the atg to attach the handles. For the grass I decided I wouldn't go out and buy the plastic stuff (I hate that stuff!! It gets everywhere!!). Instead I just took 4 shades of green 8.5" x 11" cardstock and fed them to my paper shredder.  Now I have grass for my Easter baskets!! These seriously took NO time at all!! I cut all the cupcake wrappers and the circles on the first day then assembled all 50 on the second day. My oldest saw them and requested 4 for his group of friends so I'll make those tomorrow. All that is left to do is fill with candy and hand them out!! ...The perfectionist in me wants to add something to those white handles though!! We will see who wins. The Easy Breezy Gal or the Perfectionist!!

Thanks again for stopping by! If you have any questions or comments please don't be shy!! 


  1. I KNEW I kept my paper shredder in my craft room for a reason!!! THIS is it!!! LOL!!!! They turned out great, Carolyn...brilliant on the mass production glue! I am going to probably make these for the kids' parties too. :) Thanks for all the great ideas! Ashley was brilliant to use the cupcake wrappers. Totally.

    1. Thanks Amie!! Good luck with yours! I can't wait to see your version!


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